If you are going on an overseas trip and would like to purchase a new purse to take with you, you should be careful at the type that you choose. This is because some purses will be very easy to steal from you. To prevent this from happening, below are is some information about purse straps and zipper locks.

Purse Straps

One of the most important things about a purse is the straps. This is because if the straps are small and weak, someone could easily rip the purse off your shoulder or arm. Before you purchase a purse, check straps to ensure they are very durable and strong. For example, a leather purse with thick straps would be very hard to break.

There are also purses that you can purchase that have security straps. These straps cannot be sliced, and there is a stainless-steel cable that is put inside the strap. This cable is generally braided so it is very comfortable for you when carrying the purse on your shoulder. The cable is inside the entire length of the shoulder strap. Many of these security straps use individual strands made of stainless steel. The straps are also double-stitched to make them even stronger. Even though there is stainless steel in the straps they are still very flexible and you would not be able to even tell they are in there.

If the straps are long, make sure you carry the purse in front of you so you can keep a tight hold on it to provide even more security.

Zipper Lock

If the purse that you purchase has a zipper, you can purchase a zipper lock to prevent a thief from being able to open the zipper to steal your wallet, phone, etc. This is especially helpful if you are in a crowded area as this makes it easier for someone to get behind you and unzip your purse zipper. These zipper locks are clipped to the zipper pull and then when the zipper is closed they are then hooked onto a ring. If your purchase does not have a ring on the handle, you can purchase one that easily attaches to the handle, which looks and works like a key ring.

You can find purses that have zipper locks built inside of them so they are very easy to lock. This requires you to use both hands to be able to open it. Because the zipper lock is built in you do not have to use it if you do not want to.

You might also want a purse securing strap sold by a company like The PurseSnatcher to help secure your purse even more.