Whether you want your clothing to last for a long time because you don't like to spend money on a new wardrobe or you're just in love with your pieces and you want them to last, the best way to get your clothes to last longer is to invest in pieces that are known to be of great quality in the first place. Clothing from certain brands is not only beautiful and fits well, but gives you style that you can rely on as well.

What should you look for in long-lasting clothing? There are a few things you should consider, but use this guide to assist you.


One of the most classic materials used in many types of clothing is cotton. This material is known to be comfortable and it breathes well, making this dyeable fabric a popular choice for tops and bottoms of various brands. You'll see cotton blends or 100% pure cotton. Other materials that are known to last are polyester and nylon, which are man-made in style but offer a great fit that won't stretch out, as well as a good color hold.

Your favorite clothing brands should also carry tags with directions that will help your clothes last. When washing any type of clothing, read the tags. The tags tell you how to care for the clothes you have, since the way you wash and dry any of your fabrics — even the most expensive or well-made brands — largely determines how long these items last.


The way your clothing fits is another thing to consider when it comes to great and long-lasting clothing. You want your clothes to fit well and not to have too much give because you'll want to be able to wear the same item more than once before it's stretched out. Whether you want to stock your closet full clothing like M.I.N.E. Design clothing or you like to mix it up with various types of clothes, you can pick and choose the pieces you like best.

Fit is all about how a style is created. Look for clothing that tapers in naturally at the waist, has a natural hip line, and has pockets in appropriate areas so you always feel and look your best. The right clothing choices will help you keep the same wardrobe for as long as you like so that you can invest in quality clothing with ease and so that you won't worry about clothes not fitting well.